Free your horse with the Stubben Equi-Soft Girth and the Stubben Freedom Bridle. Find out below how these products have been designed to allow total freedom and relaxtion for your horse to improve performance and more importantly, their comfort.

Free your horse

Let your
stubben &
neoprene vachette

Stubben continue their innovation in complimenting the design of tack to the horse causing as little obstruction as possible. The Stubben Freedom Bridle's name reflects what it set out to achieve: complete freedom by understanding and respecting the horse's anatomy and biomechanics and effectively building the bridle around this. The Freedom Bridle cosmetically looks completely different to an original bridle, however each strap has carefully been considered to allow as much freedom from vital head muscles, as the name suggests, to allow as much freedom as possible.

£305.99 | €397.99 | $443.99

Leather Girth

The Equi-Soft girth is a revolution to the equestrian market. Stubben describe their thought process behind designing this girth as you wouldn't wear a tight belt to the gym so why should we expect our horses to work happily in a piece of equiment that doesn't give with the movement of the horse.

When your horse is working, they inhale to fill their lungs, traditional girths restrict this movement, whereas the Stubben Equi-Soft girth is designed to stretch to allow for this expansion to occur.

£104.99 | €136.99 | $152.99

Lower heart

In a comparative study of various girths certifies, all horses, without exception, maintained lower heart rates when using the Stubben Equi-Soft-girth.

Girth pad options
to suit your horse

The Equi-Soft girth pads are sold seperately so that you can customise your girth to exactly what suits you and your horse. Options availble: Vachette leather, neoprene, and lambskin (brown, ecru-white and antharacite).

£104.99 | €136.99 | $152.99

3 colours available

Let him move like he's free

The innovative position of the headstall and the throat strap keep the horse's sensitive areas
in the neck and the throat free from pressure. The horse's flight instinct will not be triggered.
Instead of causing discomfort and refusal, the horse can fully unfold its natural joy in moving.

Full sight field to your horse

The cheek pieces on the Stubben bridle are curved away, reducing that area of sight which is lost from
ordinary bridles.

Your horse's ears can move freely

The Freedom bridle is set back from the horse's ears to allow full movement and to avoid crossing the
horse's 16 ear muscles and therefore eliminating the pressure that can be exerted on the nerves and