It is summer and the flies are out in great numbers, horse fly bites are a particular problem for horses and riders. Biting flies can pierce the horses's skin and feed on its blood, while nuisance flies lay secretions in and around the horses's eye, mouth, nose and other sensitive areas. Flies can carry disease as well as being a great irritant, this can be an important consideration when working or competing horses.

Midges (Culicoides) hover in swarms at dawn and dusk. Eggs are laid in standing water like water buckets or anything that may collect water, so avoid stagnant areas of water if possible.

Horseflies (Tabinidae) are about more on warm days, especially around woodland areas. They prefer to feed around the horse’s underside, legs, neck and withers.

Black flies (Simuliidae) are small and breed in great numbers in fast moving water. The worse times for your horses are dawn and dusk during spring and early summer. These flies usually feed around the face.

Stable flies
They lay eggs in moist, rotting vegetation – typically, hay or silage that is contaminated with urine, water or manure – so are associated with poor hygiene. They feed on horses’ legs and abdomens.

Other biters include mosquitoes, bees and wasps – these produce uncomfortable bites, as well as causing alarm to horses.

Lets talk about lotions and potions

These repellents (sprays, gels & balms) are more useful for sensitive areas such as ears the inners of the legs and eyes, they are more suited for riding rather than having to have a ride on fly rug or when competing.

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The mighty power of Garlic Powder knows no bounds! It has long been associated with warding off flies, and this robust little bulb has a long list of medicinal uses. For our four legged friends, as well as improving the respiratory system and the digestive system as well as seeping through the skin to repel those buzzing beasts.

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Flies are relentless and will plague your horse whether they are in the field, stable or even when you’re out for a ride. We stock a complete variety of fly rugs to suit all needs and budgets, from bug rugs, to bug rugs with fly repelling treatments, to sweet itch rugs and ride on rugs. Some even include a waterproof layer to keep your horse dry and protected in the intermittent British weather.

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