It's always good to be prepared when it comes to accidents and injuries, especially when it comes to equine first aid. A well-stocked stable-yard equestrian first aid kit is an essential piece of equipment that should be well maintained. It lets you act quickly and efficiently to react to any equine related injury or accident. Equine vet’s fees can be extremely expensive, and while the more serious cases will always need veterinary expertise, for minor cuts, injuries and superficial wounds, most of the time you are able to self-manage these as long as you clean the cut or wound quickly and effectively and take the necessary actions to help it heal.


first aid kits

If you are starting from scratch with your Equine First Aid Kit, it’s worth investing in a First Aid Kit. We love these Robinsons First Aid Kits we contain essential First Aid for not only the equine in your life but also for the rider. What’s inside: Animalintex poultice, Gamgee 12" roll, Equiwrap bandage, 2 x soothing wipes, Vetalintex wound gel 15g, Skintact wound dressing, Microporous tape, First aid cleansing wipes & Toughcut scissors. For The Rider 10 x Waterproof finger plasters, 2 x Waterproof graze plasters, 4 x Skin cleansing wipes, 2 x Insect repellent wipes, 4 x Dressing pads & Guide to basic first aid.

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