Children's riding wear is essential for when your child shows an interest in junior ridding, we have a large range of girls and boys riding wear including riding safety wear and children's competition wear, So It's never too early to introduce your kids to riding, whether you own your own pony or you want to start leasons at a riding school we have everything from starting out or fully fledged junior rider.

We have put together some helpful information for your junior riders or if you are considering riding for your kids.

the gentle nature of horses allows for a trusting relationship between horse and ryder, this nature brings out confidence in our little ones which can help with all aspects of your childs life, good physical exercise in the great outdoors, horse riding installs many other intrinsic qualities in our kids, also learning Responsibility - taking care of horses, feeding them and keeping them healthy teaches children about caring for others

Many parents often wonder if horse riding is an expensive hobby to start their child on, with all activitys the expence is totally in your control, You'll probably find lesson prices vary depending on the school, area and type/length of the lesson so if budget is essential to you, look around until you found a school that offers more cost-effective options. A half hour lessons costs between £10 and £30 depending on location and the standard of the instructor.

Don't worry we have you covered from head to toe.

Having a pony means having the resposibility of keeping them clean

To help keep your pony squeaky clean, you can pamper your pony with a huge range of shampoo, brushes, sponges and lots more.