In 1981, Louise Woof pioneered the 'Woof Boot' - the first brushing boot to be made from neoprene. For the first time, horses could be protected with boots that were light, durable and easy to care for. For more than thirty years, Woof Wear has been at the forefront of equestrian protection and our boots, gloves and accessories are being valued equally by leisure riders, professionals and even Police Forces across the UK. Not least we are very proud to be the producer of the UK's best selling general-purpose brushing boot! Be it for eventing, show jumping, dressage or the happy hacker, Woof Wear has a range of boots and accessories for every occasion, including brushing, tendon, fetlock, cross country event, overreach and therapy boots incorporating the latest in modern design and technology. In addition, Woof Wear make a large range of riding and yard gloves together with customer favourites such as the Short & Long Yard Boot and new Paddock Boot.